Proper tie-up

Boat Tie Up Requirements

  • The requirements for mooring a boat in the WKYC basin is designed to prevent damage to your boat, damage to the WKYC docks, and other boats.
  • You are required to use appropriately sized mooring lines with snubbers.
  • Either rubber or spring steel snubbers are to be used on tie lines of less than 10 feet in length.
  • A properly secured boat should be held by a minimum of four lines.
  • Lines are to be correctly secured to boat and dock cleats to ensure lines are kept snug to avoid lines drooping into the water or boats drifting in the slip.
  • Fenders are to be used to prevent boat from contact with the docks.
  • Fenders are to be hung from the boat cleats and not fastened to the dock.
  • A good practice is using fenders between your boat and the boat sharing the same berth with your boat.
  • Tie up lines are to be a minimum of ½ inch in diameter.
  • Tie up lines are to be of design approved for mooring a boat.
  • Polypropylene lines are not permitted to be used to tie up the boat. These typically are yellow in color but can also be other colors.
  • Bungee type lines are not permitted for use as main tie up moorage ropes.
  • Bungee type lines may be used to assist alignment of the boat in the slip along with moorage ropes.
  • Please review and make yourself familiar with the following diagrams.

Moorage diagram

Boat Tie to Dock Cleat

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