2023 WKYC Poker Run

Hello members,

Please see below for details and rules for this year’s poker run. An exciting new addition to this year’s run that could increase your chances of winning AND increase the pot: A wildcard blind auction.

We’ll provide the clues to finding the 5 checkpoints at the registration table Saturday morning.

Last year’s poker run was such a resounding success, we had to limit the number of hands per boat. We’re doing an initial limit this year, too. To help us manage the number of hands that may be sold, if you’d like to register the number of hands you’d like to purchase, we have created a simple form here: DO NOT HAVE TO REGISTER IN ADVANCE OR PAY IN ADVANCE. We’re only using this form to gauge the possible number of hands we need. You’ll still need to bring CASH to the registration table to pay for your hands and if you bid on a wildcard.

The weather is forecast to be another spectacular, hot, and sunny day in the Okanagan so be sure to stay hydrated, bring sunscreen, and remember – you can help other poker runners stay cool by bringing squirt guns, super-soakers or using your washdown hose, etc. (just keep your envelopes dry!). And costumes are ALWAYS encouraged.

See you on the water.


1. Have Fun. Play Fair. 

2. Cost is $5.00 per hand (5 cards) and there is a maximum of 10 hands per boat. 

3. When you purchase your hands, you will be given a list of clues to follow to find a stationary boat holding the sealed envelopes with the playing cards. 

4. Each envelope is numbered 1-5. You must have all 5 envelopes when you return to the club, and they must remain sealed until opened by an official at the club. 

5. Sailboats only need to pick up a minimum of 3 envelopes (it doesn’t matter which 3 boats you visit). Extra cards are available back at the club. 

6. Sales of poker hands start at 12pm. The poker run starts at 1pm or once all hands have been sold, whichever comes first. 

7. All envelopes must remain sealed, no cards are to be exposed until they are brought back for judging. KEEP THEM DRY. 

8. When you visited all 5 stationary boats and collected your envelopes return to the club. In any event, the poker runs ends at 4pm. No hands can be turned in after 5pm. 

9. Bring your sealed envelopes back to the same table where you purchased your hands. An official will open them and determine your poker hand. 

Stationary boats are marked with helium-filled balloons 

If you have any questions while on the water, call 604-807-7254 

NEW FOR 2023 – Wildcard blind auction 

This year we’re introducing a way to potentially increase the odds in your favour – a wildcard. 

A wildcard is a playing card that substitutes for any other card. We’ll be using the Joker and successful bidders can significantly increase the odds of having the best hand and winning the pot. 


  • 4 Jokers will be available to bid on as wildcards. 
  • The minimum bid is $20. 
  • One bid per participant. 
  • Participants must write down their name and their bid and provide payment in full when they purchase their poker hands. 
  • The wildcard cannot be shared, sold, or otherwise given to anyone and can only be used by the original purchaser. 
  • The three highest bids will be determined during the poker run and the wildcards will be awarded to them upon their return with their hands. 
  • If a tiebreaker is required, the participants who are tied will be asked for a secondary bid to break the tie. 
  • If the tie is not broken and two participants remain tied, BOTH will be awarded a wildcard. 
  • If a tie between 3 or more remains, the tie will be broken through a series of trivia questions until 1 participant remains. 
  • All wildcard purchasers must agree to abide by these rules to participate. 
  • If a situation occurs which is not specifically detailed herein, a ruling will be made by the WKYC Board of Directors, and all decisions are final. 

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